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#1University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley Established in 1868 due to the results of the merger of the personal faculty of California and also the public Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts faculty in Oakland, UC Berkeley is that the oldest establishment within the UC system and offers just about 350 under graduate and graduate degree programs during a wide selection of disciplines. The University of California has been charged with providing each "classical" and "practical" education for the state's folks. Cal co-manages # 3 United States (US) Department of Energy National Laboratories, together with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Mary Ashton Rice Livermore National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the US Department of Energy ..

 It is thought of by the day pedagogy World University Rankings in concert of six university brands that lead in world name rankings in 2015 and is hierarchic third on the US News' 2015 Best world Universities rankings conducted within the US and nearly fifty different countries. The tutorial Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) additionally ranks the University of California, Berkeley fourth within the world overall. Some department specifics embrace third in engineering, fourth in social sciences and initial in arithmetic & amp; life sciences. The university is additionally acknowledge for manufacturing a high variety of entrepreneurs

Berkeley college, alumni, and researchers have won seventy two Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Alfred Bernhard Nobel) chemist (philanthropist altruist} Prizes (including thirty alumni Nobel laureates), 9 Wolf Prizes, seven Fields Medals, eighteen mathematician Awards, forty five MacArthur Fellowships, twenty Academy Awards, and eleven newspaper publisher Prizes. To date, UC Berkeley scientists have discovered six chemical components of the table (californium, seaborgium, berkelium, metal, fermium, lawrencium). in conjunction with Berkeley science lab, UC Berkeley researchers have discovered sixteen chemical components in total - over the other university within the world. Berkeley may be a start member of the Association of yankee Universities and continues to possess terribly high analysis activity with $ 730.7 million in analysis and development expenditures within the yr ending Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2014. Berkeley scientist. Oppenheimer was the scientific director of the Manhattan Project that developed the primary A-bomb within the world that he in person headquartered at Los Alamos, New Mexico, throughout war II. Educator nuclear physicist was the "father of the chemical element bomb". Former u. s. Secretary of Energy and laureate Steven Chu (PhD 1976), was Director of Berkeley science lab.

The University of California, Berkeley (also known as Berkeley, UC Berkeley, California or just Cal) may be a major public analysis university placed in Berkeley, California. it's the flagship field of the University of California system, one in all 3 components within the state's public pedagogy arrange, that additionally includes the California State University system and also the California Community schools System.

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