Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#1 United States Sports Academy

 Situated at Daphne, Alabama, United States, the Academy was founded in 1972 by Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, the current President and Chief Executive Officer, in direct response to the ever increasing needs and demands in sport and society in America. The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACHDA) was supportive of upgrading education in coaching, management and sports medicine and provided a forum for an exchange of ideas with respect to sport education in America.

The Academy's campus is also home to the American Sport Art Museum and Archives. The collection contains more than 1,000 works of sport art from  #1world-renowned artists, many of whom have been honored by the Academy as Sport Artist of the Year. The Academy is also developing an outdoor Sculpture Park on campus, which is dedicated to celebrating sport with the erection of numerous environmentally friendly sculptures. It has enjoyed a great of deal success over the past 40 years in its mission to become a national resource for sport education; indeed it has become known worldwide as "America's Sports University ®." With almost 1,300 students studying sports annually in the Academy's degree programs, the Academy's sport education programs are considered to be among the largest in the world. And judging by the success of its alumni, they are unquestionably among the finest.
Academic Programs
Bachelor of Sports Science: It offers B.S.S. With Majors degree in sports coaching, sports Strength & Conditioning, Sports Studies and Sports Management.
Master of Sports Science: It offers a M.S.S degree with majors degree in sports coaching, sports, health & fitness, sports management, sports Studies and dual majors.
Doctor of Education in Sports Management: It helps students to  achieve their personal, educational and professional objectives. The program is flexible and provides meaningful educational and technical preparation. Recent doctoral degree graduates are college professors of Sports Management, private sport entrepreneurs and high school or college athletic directors.